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Fins Up fellow Whale fans! Welcome to your website: Cetacean Nation! Here we try to augment the coverage of and news about, our Connecticut Whale, the most exciting team in hockey. We love our Pod and the amazing league they play in, the National Women’s Hockey League. The Whale  have now concluded play in NWHL Season Five, and we can’t wait to see what exciting hockey Season Six will bring!  Our player input is our main feature, along with NWHL and Whale news as it pertains to our team and fans, both on and off the ice. Especially in the  ”off seasons” we strive to rep the players, and the Whale as best we can. The Whale bring us such exciting  skillful, gritty and inspiring hockey as they skate through each NWHL season. Cetacean Nation wants to support them year round, introduce new fans, and help get everyone ready for the upcoming Season of the Whale.

Our site can be navigated by the menu button or toolbar, depending on what device you are using. Click on the players name to read their individual stories. In the cases where players have multiple stories, they are listed oldest to newest. Several named articles like Expanding Horizons or Days of Future Past which may feature input from multiple players are listed below the player's stories Our  most recent Whale’s Tales op ed and guest content feature will appear on the home page immediately below. All Whale’s Tales, listed chronologically, can be found under that heading on the toolbar or the menu. And follow us on Twitter @nation_cetacean, Instagram cetacean_nation_hockey and  Facebook at Cetacean Nation Hockey. Fins Up!






"This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, This ain't no fooling around" 
                                                                      Life During Wartime, The Talking Heads

At this point, regardless of where in the world you reside, we’re pretty sure by this tome everyone can agree with the above. The Covid-19 is not a one off, and can’t be ignored.. It is intertwined in everyone’s life, and in every interview we’ve done the past couple of months.with our amazing Pod. It has impacted all of us, and sharing how we are dealing with it is something we need to hear and to say. Some of those whose interviews you read on this site are also among those on the front lines as healthcare workers, putting on different gloves and masks these days. They include Kate Buesser, Grace KlienbachElena Orlando, Maddie Evangelous, and the Gamer Doc Lindsey Migliore. And many of our sponsors and partners are in the fight, as well as many fans in Cetacean Nation. So our gratitude is unbounded, and we preserve their stories here not just as heroes on the ice, but everyday heroes off it as well.

The world has changed once again, and now even our youngest players, the Little Future Draft Picks, have seen it. And whatever the world looks like at the end of all this, hockey will be a component. Humans are the most adaptable critters on this planet. We have figured out how to stay submerged longer than, well, a Whale in fact. We can travel on land faster than a cheetah. We can fly higher than any bird, to the moon even. We have learned how to survive in the polar regions, the tropics, the deserts, and the mountains. We communicate planet wide in essentially real time. As a species we have survived the most trying of nature and our own machinations for self destruction. So the pandemic? This too shall pass. Or, we’ll adapt to it. A life during wartime, as they said during WWII, for the duration.

The recently completed NWHL Draft, held over  two nights,  was flat out the best thing in sports since the pandemic shut everything down. Innovative, entertaining, informative and a shot in the arm to a battle weary sports world. The Draft honored the players selected and their great careers. And that doesn’t change if they never play a game for the team that selected them, or never even play again at all. It was an uplifting celebration of women, reflected in their selection, and in many cases by their awesome presenters. Nothing subsequent can change the magic if the moment. And, many of the draftees have signed, and as of this date, our Whale have officially announced the signing of the amazing Tori Howran, who you will meet on these pages shortly.

Additionally, as each season goes by, more and more players at higher levels aspire to play in the NWHL. And even with the expansion into Toronto, there are still more elite level female hockey players than there are roster spots. Again, that is something that augers well for the growth of the league and the game. But there is a caveat. The president of the Toronto franchise, Digit Murphy, posts little nuggets of wisdom in her videos in her “37 seconds because Title IX only has 37 words” series. She recently spoke of the relatively small pool that female hockey players are metaphorically swimming in. No metaphor as it concerns the Whale, but we digress. Point being, although the sport is growing, it is not an ocean yet that we are swimming in, it’s the same small pool Digit mentioned. So think of it as our quarantine situation: you keep bumping into the same people over and over. It’s like that in women’s hockey by the time you get to this level. So to use another terminology of Digit’s, we have to learn to play in the same sandbox. And thanks to the NWHL, we have a sandbox. It can become a beach one day, to accommodate the ocean of talent. We may be living life during wartime. but the fighting shouldn’t be among our own ranks. We will all be skating on the same ice again some day. Sooner rather than later seems a good idea to us. Come and expand the sand. Fins Up and stay safe, Season Six is getting closer!

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