Fins Up fellow Whale fans! Welcome to your website: Cetacean Nation! Here we try to augment the coverage of and news about, our Connecticut Whale, the most exciting team in hockey, We love our Pod and the amazing league they play in, the National Women’s Hockey League. The Whale  have concluded play in NWHL Season Four, and  we can’t wait to see what exciting hockey Season Five will bring!  Our player input is our main feature, along with NWHL and Whale news  as it pertains to our team and fans, both on and off the ice. Especially in the  ”off seasons” we strive to rep the players,  and the Whale as best we can. The Whale bring us so much great, exciting  skillful, and inspiring hockey as they skate through each NWHL season. Cetacean Nation wants to support them year round, introduce new fans, and help get everyone ready for the upcoming Season of the Whale.

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Most lexicographers begin their definition of the noun root orvroots by leading with plant references. But depending on the source, other meanings more germaine to hockey and hockey players are ranked as secondary meanings. In Webster’s for example: something that is an origin or source, as of a condition, one or more progenitors of a group of descendants, an underlying support, the essential core of heart, and the part by which an object is attached to something else. All of these can be applied to hockey if you think just a little outside the box. On that note:


                                           THEY BUILT IT, YOU SHOULD COME

As  fans of the NWHL, our roots lie in the collegiate, high school, prep school and youth programs that produce the remarkable young women that make up the rosters on our five teams. The gardeners who nurture and tend these young athletes as they grow, are the parents, coaches, administrators, teammates and even opponents, and yes, the fans,who all contribute to the finished product we sign or re-sign, into the league. Cetacean Nation has suggested in the past that we all should support these young women and girls by attending their games. We suggested it as a New Year’s resolution last winter in fact, and it was a good idea. But depending on where you live, what leagues are nearby, the hockey season gets under way well before that. As you are making your plans to attend numerous Whale games, maybe pre-plan a few visits to some local games, from Pee Wee to DI, your choice. There is probably a program nearby that you already know of. Or how about going to see some of our Whale in action as coaches. You can catch Kayla Meneghin at Saint Anselm, Sam Faber at LIU-Post, Jamie Goldsmith at The Gunnery, Sarah Hughson at Choate, Celeste Brown at Penn State, Nicole Stock at Lawrenceville, Jessica Koizumi at Vermont, Sam Walther at Nichols, and Molly Engstrom at St. Cloud State, to name a few. Check the website of your local school or organization, and see who’s coaching near you. And just think how cool it will feel when someday that young women or little Future Draft Pick signs her first pro contract. And you, in some small way, helped her on her quest. Fins Up to that, no?


                                                   BROUGHT TO YOU BY….

This past week, our NWHL picked up a terrific new sponsor in Chipwich, which is now being billed as “The Official Ice Cream Sandwich” of the NWHL. And for the second year in a row, the amazing folks at VEDA have teamed up with the league as well. You can find more information on both of these partners of the league, as well as sponsors of individual Whale in the NWHL Sponsors section of this website. Stop by and take a look. As always, we urge everyone to support those who support the NWHL!


                                                    BRAY’S BURGEONING BUNCH

Our General Manager Bray Ketchum has assembled an exciting blend of veteran and first year players for the upcoming season. As of this posting, she has signed eleven players: six defenders, four forwards, and one goaltender. Nearly half of the squad is on the roster, and more signings should follow relatively quickly. Action begins in seven weeks, and season tickets should be available shortly. Can you feel it?


Update 8/19/19: And no sooner did we use the word burgeoning, than it happened again! welcome back to our #9 two-way winger Kaycie Anderson! It is Kaycie’s  third contract with the Whale, and GM Bray Ketchum’s twelth addition to Bray’s Bunch.

Updare 8/20/19: Cetacean Nation offers congratulations to our OW #78, goalie & soon-to-be Dr. Chelsea Laden, on becoming a TV star! Destination Fear premieres on the Travel Channel just before Halloween too! Finds Up to that, & we are curious what could possibly frighten an NWHL goaltender! Fins Up Forever Chelsea! 

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