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WHALE’S TALES 7/5/19: A Voice In The Crowd

As we write this, we are in the middle of the Fourth of July weekend. The first preseason game, vs UConn on 9/28 was just announced today. And as the season grows ever closer, anticipation of what the 2019-2020 edition of our Whale will look like grows proportionately. It was this weekend last year that the Pod made it’s first couple of signings, but this year our new GM Bray Ketchum has us ahead of the curve. With six players in the fold as this is written, a quarter of the team has been set. It’s a talented group, with veteran defenders Shannon Doyle, Taylor Marchin, Elena Orlando and Jordan Brickner all returning, joined by rookie forwards Kendra Broad, returning from her early career in Europe, and Jane Morrisette joining out of college. We are all waiting with great anticipation and excitement for the next additions to Bray’s Bunch. As we have mentioned, turnover is inevitable on NWHL rosters, for a number of reasons. Since the end of the 2017-2018 season, we find some twenty members of the Pod, are no longer active with us. The coming weeks will reveal a mixing of the old and the new, as it always does. And we are always ready to welcome a Once and Future Whale!

In the last edition of Whale’s Tales, we presented some thoughts from fans whose lives have been touched by our players, the Whale, and the NWHL. As we mentioned, our players truly appreciate the love and support of their fans. And they have given us a lot to love and be appreciative, in their actions both on and off the ice. We have more great thoughts from another of our loyal fans in this addition. And we think you will like what she has to say. Here’s what @sabrinsesch told Cetacean Nation about what the Whale mean to her and her daughter, with a special shout-out that we loved:

People. To me the NWHL and The Connecticut Whale are all about people. The NWHL and the Connecticut Whale were founded at the perfect time. My daughter (honorary captain in the photo beelow) had just started playing hockey and the Connecticut Whale appeared right under our nose! We were able to attend the first Whale game and from that moment forward our love for Women’s Hockey and the Connecticut Whale have only grown. We have been fortunate to not only watch the Whale play at several venues, but also have had the honor of getting to know many of the players on the Whale and several other goalies from the league (my daughter is a goalie). Every player, no matter what team or venue or outcome of the game, has been nothing but friendly and professional in every sense of the word. They respect their fans and take a keen interest in the young women who come to see them.”

Sabrina continued ”The players are never in a rush to leave and always seem to be aware of the incredible opportunity and responsibility that they have being Professional Women’s Hockey Players and part of the NWHL. The majority of the Whale players and staff know my daughter by name and without fail make her feel to be part of the family every time we see them play. There is one person in the NWHL who has made a particularly impact on and will always be special to my daughter and that is Laura Brennan. Laura exemplifies the best the NWHL has to offer. She is not only a fine goalie and coach but also an excellent role model for female hockey players everywhere. She finds the good in every situation and in every person whether they be a player, coach, fan or student. She is one of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure to meet and is an asset to the league. I wish the NWHL and The Connecticut Whale years of continued success”

We wholeheartedly agree with those sentiment, and could not have said it better! Fins Up to Sabrina for sharing her thoughts, and Fins Up to our amazing #33 Laura Brennan as well. We will continue to share these expressions of support and love from our fans on the other side of the glass periodically in future Whale Tale’s.

Update 7/8/19: Whale GM Bray Ketchum announced that the Whale are heading to new digs this season, as the Danbury Arena will be home to the Pod 2019-2020.

Update 7/15/19: Another addition to Bray’s Bunch!  GM Bray Ketchum announced that #94 Grace Klienbach has signed with the Whale! The extremely populat ”Once and Future Whale” last playedfor the Pod in season three. Welcome back!



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