Our #31 Keira Goin as a gold medal winning player and silver medal winning coach with the NA Stars, and with some little Future Draft Picks and some teammates with the Sherriffs Hocket Club in Scotland.


Cetacean Nation once commented to her about a photo that featured our #31 Keira Goin, that it looked like she was up to something. Keira readily agreed, and said “I’m always up to something.” Cetacean Nation connected again with our effervescent goalie recently, to talk a little about some of the activities she has been involved in since last season. Or, to put it another way, to see what one of our fan favorites was up to. Keira was one of the first Whale we interviewed here at Cetacean Nation, and you can read her article “Between the Pipes With Keira Goin” here on the website. We last saw Keira in goal for the Whale in March in the Isobel Cup Playoffs against the Riveters. But Keira has had some interesting international hockey competition this past summer, and not for the first time or the last, as it turns out. Cetacean Nation has found this to be particularly interesting, considering our Pod currently has players on their roster from six different nations. Seven actually, since our Randi Griffin’s dual citizenship allowed her to represent Korea at the Pyongyang Olympics earlier this year!


This past offseason Keira played in an interesting charity hockey game in Scotland. The UK and Ireland are growing hotbeds of ice hockey, for both men & women’s teams. Keira had this to say about her trip to Scotland and her game there. “ My trip to Scotland was for CHAS (Children's Hospice for Scotland). The game was a charity game in which Riley Cote, Jamie Allison (both former NHLers) and Steve Moria were also joining me in raising money. We auctioned off jerseys and played against the UK Selects (who were VERY skilled). I was the only female pro and my jersey was sponsored by a lovely fan out in Dumfries.” We mentioned Keira’s past international play, some of which took place in the Czech Republic (Hi Katka!) and plans for future junkets. Keira told us ” As far as my business in Prague, in 2016 I was invited to play in an international tournament in the Czech Republic. It was a phenomenal experience for me, to play a high level of international hockey. My teammates included players like Denisa Krizova (Boston Pride) and Alexa Aramburu (Metro Riveters). I enjoyed my experience so much that once I began coaching at the collegiate level, I wanted to be a part of the team that gave me so much. We were the first NA Stars team to win the Czech Hockey Challenge Cup and I wanted to be able to bring a winning team back to Prague. My team consisted of current NCAA athletes and I coached against my former teammate Denisa in the finals, but we lost. Denisa had coached a phenomenal team of Euro Elite athletes in the tourney. This year, I plan to bring three teams to Prague: at least one collegiate and one U19”. Pretty awesome initiatives!


Keira is a well spoken and thoughtful individual, and Cetacean Nation has always liked this little video that gives you a chance to see Keira on the ice, and hear her speak directly about hockey: https://youtu.be/zdy5DoSI0Tg  And as you may recall reading in a previous “Whale’s Tales”, Keira has recently earned her accreditation as a personal trainer, from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. As Keira mentions in the video, members of our Pod lead busy lives both in and off season, both on and off the ice. Keira’s efforts to secure her certification have paid off and currently she is working in the fitness field, along her other pursuits. And as you know now, Keira is always up to something, and we’ll connect with her again to bring you more details of those “somethings”. Fins Up Keira, Cetacean Nation thanks you for checking in!