Our #43 Huey Huertas charges after a loose puck vs the Rivs in Season Three! Photo by Pat McCarthy

Meghan “Huey” Huertas : Catch Of The Day

“To the best of my moderate ability to form an opinion, the finest sport is fishing with a rod, line and hook.”

Dame Juliana Berners (woman) wrote those words in a small tone entitled “A Treatyse on Fysshynge With An Angle", which was published in the late 15th century, as a minuscule part of the Book of Saint Albans. It was the first book on fishing ever written, pre-dating the more widely recognized “Complete Angler” written by Izaak Walton (man) by nearly 150 years. To be fair, we will add the qualifier to DJB’s statement, that no local hockey team existed then, so we will confine her observations to “field sports” as they were commonly lumped together at the time. But she would smile wethinks, if she could see how important a part of literature her writing has become, and how many of our amazing hockey playing Whale are also “sisters of the angle”, to phrase it in the Old English. We connected with one of them recently, our former #43 Meghan “Huey” Huertas. And in her comments, we reeled in the Catch of the Day! 

When we reconnected with Huey, she was busy trying to connect with a snook (Centropomus undecimalis) a fish of varied salt and brackish environments. But she said “And I lost it, hahaa, I see them a lot in the surf. I’m hoping I land one soon! 2nd one I lost in the past 48 hours Both bit on a popper, same one! The first one broke my line, so I went out and bought the same lure. She laughed and said “then lost him again, but luckily kept the lure this time! I’m no expert" she chuckled, "I’m learning as I go. Fishing has always been something I enjoy and a outlet for me to unwind. So I’m currently trying to land a big snook but I’m 0 for 2 this week:) And yeah, I was fishing in the Palm Beach area that specific time,”

Cetacean Nation was also curious how things were going for Huey during the pandemic (other than fishing) and she explained “Things started opening up a bit for Florida recently, and I’m still on track with med school plans. I’ve been hanging out with the pups and my family and watching Netflix (mostly The Office)” Meghan also told us a little more about one of her newer sports, kiteboarding, which we had discussed a little with her in our last interview. We wondered If that more of a summer thing, or if it was a year round activity, and if she had ever tried kite fishing. She revealed “ I’ve never fished using a kite! Windy season down here is typically October through May, with occasional windy summer days but not many. Whenever I was finished with my school work and the winds were good, I’d make day trips to the Keys to kite. It’s not as physically demanding as one might think but definitely comes with its own risks. I haven’t been out there in awhile due to past injuries and sharks. My kite buddy Casey fell on a lemon shark while we were kiteboarding in the Keys one day. Spooked us both.” Fins Up to that PSA! And by the way, here’s one of our own: remember that what is “not as physically demanding” for Huey, might be a little more so for the average enthusiast! :) 

Huey kiteboarding in the Keys. No sharks this day!

So casting our another fishing query in Huey’s direction, we asked for her South Florida Fishing Report. She put on her captain’s hat and told us “The Snook are biting right now. Mackerel and Tarpon should be biting too.” As to when the peak season occurs, she informed us that it “Depends on the species. One thing that anglers look forward to annually in Florida is the mullet run. The mullet head south and bring a bunch of predatory fish with them such as tarpon, sharks, snook, the list goes on". She supplied us with this remarkable drone footage of the mullet run, and the aforementioned predatory fish. Pretty amazing, check it out here:


Also, after learning about her new surf fishing adventures, wondered if you did any back bay fishing as well, and she explained “I’ve fished on the IC (Intracoastal Waterway, which starts on the north end at the Point Pleasant Canal in New Jersey) in my area, in the Tampa bay area and in Miami.”

Say hello to Meghsn's two Dobies Roxy & Riley, and Mike, her African Grey parrot!

We met Huey’s amazing Doberman’s Riley & Roxie and her African Grey parrot ( who is older than she is) in our last interview. So we wanted to check up on them, and wondered if Huey shared a few fillets with her little buddies. She acknowledged she certainly did, and stated “I make sure Roxy and Riley have their own fillets when I’m having fish for dinner she laughed.They’re family, so they eat like family. They also get scraps while I'm cleaning up the fillets. Alex does too. Alex will eat almost anything. Whenever I'm in the kitchen he’ll cause a ruckus because he wants whatever I'm having. Big food guy :)”

Dinner for the entire crew!

We asked Huey to fill us in a liitle on the current hockey culture in Florida, and she responded "Girls hockey in Florida has made great strides since I was a kid. There are more programs and more girls playing down here. I think it’s great to see the game growing in Florida and would be great to see a franchise or two down here. Also it’s great seeing the NWHL expand and seeing the game grow on a national and global level as well. I’m looking forward to seeing more expansion teams as time goes on" And given the perspective of being a couple of years away from Whale, we asked if there was a particular favorite moment or memory of those days? Meghan said no, "Nothing specific, I was just happy to be back on the ice." And we were happy to have her there,!

And finally, we asked Huey a few Rapid Response questions :

Favorite Dunkin’ beverage?  "Black coffee"

Favorite sport outside of hockey?  "Kiteboarding"

Favorite rink you’ve ever played in? "Amsoil Arena (UMD) Second favorite: Ralph Engelstad Arena"

Toughest player you’ve ever faced (any level)?  "Kelly Terry - MN Gophers" 

Favorite pre-game and post-game snack or meal (The Dobies might be interested in this answer too): "At UMD my favorite pregame meal was pancakes, in between period snacks were bananas, and Post Game meal was pasta and chocolate milk.

We once again thank our amazing #43 Meghan "Huey" Huertas for her comments and keeping us up to date on what's going on on the end of her line, and along her journey to becoming Dr. Meghan Huertas, MD. Fins Up to that!

Huey mixing it up with the Beauts in Season Three, specifically future Whale Colleen Murphy! Photo: Courtesy Pittsburgh Hockey News